Baby Tattooville




Q: What is Baby Tattooville?


A: Baby Tattooville is a weekend-long event celebrating the contemporary art community. Baby Tattooville’s intimate and immersive atmosphere provides an opportunity for a small number of paying attendees to spend the weekend participating in both scheduled and spontaneous activities with the event’s featured artists, creative partners and surprise guests. In addition to social and creative interaction with fellow participants, Baby Tattooville attendees receive an eclectic assortment of collectible gifts courtesy of the participating artists and sponsors. Attendees are also given an exclusive opportunity to purchase original art and limited edition merchandise created by the event’s featured artists. The price of the event includes Friday and Saturday night hotel accommodations, several meals including a Sunday brunch buffet, an eclectic assortment of unusual panels and presentations, and access to all of Baby Tattooville’s strange goings-on.



Q: Who are the Baby Tattooville featured artists and surprise guests?


A: The lineup for 2015 is Anthony Ausgang, Sas Christian, Olivia De Berardinis, Ron English, Camille Rose Garcia, Bosko Hrnjak, Marion Peck, KRK Ryden, Mark Ryden, and Isabel Samaras. As for surprises... who knows?



Q: Where is Baby Tattooville?


A: Baby Tattooville is held at the historic Mission Inn Hotel and Spa in Riverside, California USA. The Mission Inn is an extremely unusual place that pretty much defies description. You really have to see it to believe it. Baby Tattooville will make use of a number of the hotel’s impressive function spaces, and since each event package includes a room for Friday and Saturday night, every attendee will be able to experience a unique guest room. The Mission Inn’s address is 3649 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501. The phone number is (951) 784-0300. Visit if you would like to start exploring the place online.



Q: When is Baby Tattooville?


A: Baby Tattooville will take place from 3:00 PM Friday, October 02, 2015 through about 1:00 PM on Sunday, October 06, 2015.



Q: How much does it cost to attend Baby Tattooville?


A:  The price of a Baby Tattooville ticket is US$2700.00. The price includes Friday and Saturday night hotel accommodations, several meals including a Sunday brunch buffet, an eclectic assortment of unusual panels and presentations, and access to all of Baby Tattooville’s strange goings-on. The package price does not include original art and special limited edition items that may optionally be purchased by individual attendees during the event. The registration fee is non-refundable (but is transferable with written permission from Baby Tattoo, Inc.). Please ensure that you are committed to attending the event before sending in a Registration Form or payment.



Q: Are there any discounts or specials available?


A: A reduced price ticket was made available exclusively to returning attendees from Baby Tattooville 8 - no other discounts are available.



Q: Is there any advantage to signing up early?


A: Absolutely, individuals who register early will receive lower numbers on surprise gift items that will be given to Baby Tattooville attendees. Numbered items that are gifts for attendees will be assigned first to returning attendees from previous events, and then on a first-come, first-served basis for new attendees (meaning that the individual who submits the 23rd registration will receive collectible items numbered 23, and the individual who submits the thirty-ninth registration will receive collectible items numbered 39). If you want to get a lower number, you want to register early.



Q: Is number 1 still available?


A: No, number 1 was acquired by the lucky (and fast) individual who bought the first Baby Tattooville ticket back in 2007; however, with only a few dozen paid attendee packages available, all numbers are low numbers.



Q: Do I have to stay at the hotel?


A: It’s a pretty sure bet you will want to stay at the Mission Inn. Most of the scheduled Baby Tattooville festivities are taking place at the hotel, and the event’s featured artists and surprise guests will be hanging out all weekend. Keep in mind that Friday and Saturday night hotel accommodations are included in the price of the event package, so staying at the hotel is not an extra cost. There is no discount for not staying at the hotel. The Mission Inn is not just a generic hotel that will host the event; it is a thoroughly unique and artistically significant landmark that will make the event remarkable. You won’t just be staying at the Mission Inn, you’ll be experiencing the Mission Inn. Having said all that… no, you don’t have to stay at the hotel if you don’t want to.



Q: Are there any extra costs associated with staying at the hotel that are not included in the package price.


A: Probably, but it depends on each attendee’s individual situation. The Baby Tattooville package price includes room and tax only. Parking is not included, and the hotel charges a fee for both valet and self parking. Also, attendees will need to present a credit card to the hotel at check-in to cover any incidental expenses like phone usage, room service and bar or restaurant charges. Although a credit card will be required at check-in, it is possible to stay the weekend without incurring any incidental charges if you don’t park a vehicle and don’t charge any hotel products or services back to your room account. Please note that, while some meals and light snacks are included in the package price, you will need to pay for any additional food or beverages you wish to consume over the weekend.



Q: Are meals included?


A: The Mission Inn’s fantastic Sunday brunch buffet is included in the price of the package. Baby Tattooville attendees, featured artists and special guests will be sitting down to enjoy the buffet in a private dining room. Some meals and some snacks will be included in the package price, but attendees may want to augment the provided food and beverages at their own expense.



Q: Are there places to eat at or near the hotel?


A: In addition to the signature Mission Inn Restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, the hotel boasts a steak house, an outdoor Mexican restaurant, an Italian bistro and a cocktail lounge that serves light fare. In-room dining is available twenty-four hours a day. The hotel prides itself on the quality of its food and service. Some off-property dining choices are also available in the immediately surrounding area.



Q: Is there an age limit?


A: Yes and no. Baby Tattooville attendees must be at least 18 years old or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. However, traveling companions of Baby Tattooville attendees (spouses, partners, children, etc.) who are staying in attendees’ rooms may be any age. While traveling companions are allowed to stay in the hotel rooms and use the hotel’s guest facilities (up to the limits dictated by the Mission Inn’s official policies), traveling companions will not be admitted to any of the Baby Tattooville events or functions unless an additional companion fee is paid. Further explanation of Baby Tattooville’s traveling companion policy can be found below. Baby Tattooville attendees and Mission Inn guests must be at least 21 years of age to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages under California law.



Q: Can I bring my husband, wife, kids, friend, partner or other traveling companion?


A: Essentially, your traveling companions can be registered guests of the hotel, but will not be registered for the Baby Tattooville event unless a companion fee is paid. Details of the companion fee are outlined below. If your traveling companions just want to hang out at the hotel without attending the event, the Mission Inn is a wonderful place that is a joy to explore, and each Baby Tattooville event package includes a hotel room that can be occupied by two adults and accompanying children. If more than two adults occupy the same room (up to a four adult maximum), each additional adult may incur an extra charge. So, yes, you can bring your traveling companions to the hotel; however, you cannot bring your traveling companions to any of the Baby Tattooville events or functions without paying the companion fee.



Q: My spouse (or partner, or friend) and I want to attend all of the Baby Tattooville festivities, but we want to share one hotel room. Do we still have to buy two full priced packages?


A: No. If you and a companion both want to attend the Baby Tattooville festivities, you can purchase one full priced package for $2700.00 and pay an additional $500.00 companion fee (for a total of $3200.00). You and your companion will share one guest room and one set of event gifts, but you may both attend all of the event social functions. However, if you and your companion each want your own set of event gifts, you must pay for two full packages.



Q: Are there things for my family to do at the Mission Inn while I’m attending the Baby Tattooville events?


A: Absolutely. Explore the hotel. Hang out at the pool. Or simply relax in the utterly unique environment. The Mission Inn’s website has lots of information about the hotel and things to do. Also check out the Mission Inn Museum’s website to learn about available exhibits and tours.



Q: Can I bring my pet?


A: Pets are not allowed at any of the Baby Tattooville functions (with the customary exceptions for animals that aid individuals with disabilities). For specific restrictions regarding pets at the hotel, you should contact the Mission Inn directly at or call (951) 784-0300.



Q: What category of hotel room will I get?


A: The Baby Tattooville event package includes what the Mission Inn calls a Deluxe Room. A Deluxe Room is the Mission Inn’s standard room category. Deluxe rooms are available with either one or two beds, and we will try to accomodate your bed preference. Because of the Mission Inn’s unusual architecture, each guest room is unique.



Q: Is there a limit to the number of attendees?


A: Absolutely. The exclusive aspect of Baby Tattooville is one of the event’s most significant benefits. In addition to the featured artists and surprise guests, only a few dozen individuals will be allowed to register as paid attendees of Baby Tattooville.



Q: Are there partial packages that don’t include certain items like the hotel room or the Sunday brunch?


A: No. The only Baby Tattooville event package available is the complete package that includes the hotel room, the Sunday brunch and a whole bunch of surprises.



Q: What a coincidence! I’m staying at the Mission Inn on the same dates as Baby Tattooville. Can I drop in on some of the festivities?


A: No. And that’s the same answer our doormen/bouncers/security guards will give you.



Q: What is Baby Tattoo Books?


A: Baby Tattoo Books publishes illustrated books by contemporary artists. The company was founded in 2003. Published artists include The Chiodo Bros., Gris Grimly, Seonna Hong, Justin Jorgensen, Christy Kane, C.J. Metzger, Miss Mindy, Ragnar, Jeffery Scott (1019), Gary Baseman, Eric Pigors and Amanda Visell. Baby Tattoo publish both mainstream trade books and highly collectible limited editions. Check out for more information.



Q: How is Baby Tattoo Books related to the Baby Tattooville event?


A: Baby Tattoo Books is producing/hosting Baby Tattooville.



Q: Why Riverside?


A: Downtown Riverside and the Mission Inn are remarkable places. Once you see the venue, you will almost certainly understand why this location was chosen.



Q: Where is the nearest airport?


A: Ontario is the nearest airport. The Mission Inn does not operate a shuttle to and from Ontario Airport, so attendees will have to make their own arrangements to get to and from the airport.



Q: Is this the first Baby Tattooville?


A: No. This is the ninth Baby Tattooville event. The first Baby Tattooville was held October 5-7, 2007 at the Mission Inn in Riverside, California.



Q: Will there be more Baby Tattoovilles?


A: Baby Tattooville has been a yearly event since 2007, but 2015 will be the grand finale.



Q: What if the event is cancelled after I have registered and paid in full?


A: Registration fees are non-refundable except under circumstances where Baby Tattoo cancels the event. If Baby Tattoo cancels the event for any reason, Baby Tattoo will provide a full refund of any prepaid registration fees.


Q: How do I register?


A: Registration is currently only open to paid attendees of previous Baby Tattooville events. Email if you would like to be placed on a waiting list for tickets.